Brookfield Republican Town Committee Chairman's Message


Greg Dembowski

We have an awesome responsibility for the next two years – we need to change the way business is done in Connecticut. It's time for a new Governor who understands our needs, respects our values, and does all that's possible to keep residents here, not push them away. Here in Brookfield, the Republican Town Committee (RTC) is one that other Connecticut Republicans turn to when they want to know "how to do it."

It takes ambition, teamwork, leadership, and dedication for a successful outcome to keep Brookfield great. As we seek to go forward, we must remember that nearly 4,000 Brookfield voters are unaffiliated and over half of Brookfield voters did not vote in the last election. Some of these folks have never followed local government and politics.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, our task is to make them see that what we represent is identical to their own hopes and dreams of what Brookfield can and should be. If these folks have questions as to whether the principles of conservatism hold up in practice, our Boards of Selectmen and Finance have the answers for them.

As Chairman, I will hold my family and faith first. My focus is not on the history which we cannot change, but pressing on with a focus on a better future guided by the sense of purpose and dignity. I want each of you as members of the BRTC to be the best you can be and all of us to follow the Golden Rule.

We have 12 new members and 13 returning elected members, a good mix. We are counting on each RTC member to work hard, work together, and make Brookfield Republicans proud of their party. This RTC belongs to 3,700 Brookfield Republicans; 35 of us are the stewards over these two years. It’s a position of trust, of importance, and of responsibility.

Welcome to the 2016-18 Class of the Brookfield Republican Town Committee!

Greg Dembowski, Chairman – Brookfield Republican Town Committee



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