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Slate of GOP Candidates Announced
First Selectman – Harry Shaker

Selectman – Martin Flynn

Town Clerk – Jeff Dunkerton

Board of Finance 2 year term – Mark Mulvaney

Board of Finance 4 year term – Glenn Rooney, Matt Grimes, Roger Francoline, Dan Devorsetz

Board of Education 2 year term – Kevin Durkin

Board of Education 4 year term – Joy Greenstein, Chris Delia and Austin Samuelson

Planning Commission – Linda Taylor, George Blass and Mel Butow

Zoning Commission – Ryan Blessey, Jeff Cordisco and Erik Kukk

Zoning Board of Appeals 2 year term – Larry Ruschmeyer

Zoning Board of Appeals 4 year term – Neil Coppola, George Meyerle and Curt Timmerman

Board of Assessment Appeals 2 year term – Jerry Friedrich

Board of Assessment Appeals 4 year term – Jerry Murphy



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