Absentee Ballot - Brookfield


Absentee Ballot - Brookfield

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Connecticut Voter's Bill of Rights
Every registered voter in this state has the right to:

      (1) Inspect a sample ballot before voting;

      (2) Receive instructions concerning how to operate voting equipment, on sample voting equipment before voting;

      (3) Cast a ballot if the voter is in line when the polls are closing;

      (4) Ask for and receive assistance in voting, including assistance in languages other than English;

      (5) Vote free from coercion or intimidation by election officials or any other person;

      (6) Cast a ballot using voting equipment that accurately counts all votes;

      (7) Vote by provisional ballot if the individual registered to vote and the individual's name is not on the voter list;

      (8) Be informed of the process for restoring the individual's right to vote if the individual was incarcerated for a felony conviction; and

      (9) Vote independently and in privacy at a polling place, regardless of physical disability.

- CT Voter Rights Summary in English | In Spanish

- See more at: http://statutes.laws.com



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