Brookfield Republican Town Committee Chairman's Message


Loretta Donovan

The workings of our democratic government often seem remote from the pressing intensity of daily life. Hartford seems far away, and Washington DC even farther. But it is good to remember that democracy depends on active, involved citizens, and that we all need to exercise the habits of democratic citizenship. Concerns for the future of our country and our state may seem to loom large in comparison to the ones of our community. Yet the habits we select and sustain in the meeting rooms and forums of Brookfield have implications in the broader context.

Taking a seat at the table, maintaining a proactive interest in town and regional affairs, seeking solutions based in accurate data, fostering respectful communication and leadership, and insisting on accountability are not just election season tasks. Our Republican values set the foundation upon which we anticipate and plan for tomorrow by acting fiercely and courageously today.

The strength of democracy in Brookfield can and should be the cornerstone of government at the state and national levels that’s astute in maintaining the principles drafted by our Founding Fathers and unencumbered by desire for partisan or personal advantage. In a democracy governing is an exercise in farsighted self-interest, not short-term benevolence. It involves making wise choices and taking steps that improve the long-term prospects for everyone, even if the initial effects are unpopular or painful. When we succeed at this, we prosper on behalf of our children and their children.

Welcome to the 2018-20 Class of the Brookfield Republican Town Committee!

Loretta Donovan, Chairman – Brookfield Republican Town Committee



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