Brookfield Republican Town Committee Chairman's Message


George Blass

It is time to move this party forward and back into a winning position. We need to restore our fundraising numbers and ensure Brookfield comes out in droves to elect the GOP slate for our schools and community. I am working with our Leadership teams to reshape BRTC goals.

We seek to stir a proactive interest in town and regional affairs, seeking solutions based in accurate information, fostering respectful communication and leadership, and insisting on accountability are not just election season tasks. Our Republican values set the foundation upon which we anticipate and plan for tomorrow by strong, responsible leadership. Consequently, we seek to elect Republican leaders to guide a failed Connecticut. 

Welcome to the 2020-22 Class of the Brookfield Republican Town Committee!

George Blass, Chairman – Brookfield Republican Town Committee



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Brookfield, CT 06804-5154

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