Your Opportunities to Make a Difference


Here are five reasons why you should serve in local government:

1.  Issues, Issues, Issues—While we're not solving the Middle East crisis or making Social Security solvent, we do deal with our share of important issues that affect everyone, like public safety, land use planning and parks and recreation. Every so often you are faced with situations that are totally new to you. 

2. Good discussions and dialogue—When all is said and done, more is usually said than done on many boards and commissions. Normally there are really great discussions with very good questions and we tend to act as a group for the greater good.

3. A chance to improve your people skills. If you enter local government with a healthy attitude and your ego in check, you'll find the experience rewarding and the people terrific. A few people skills and lessons often learned through serving include:

  • The best results happen when being positve and affirming. It brings out the best in others.
  • Communicate, listen, listen, and communicate. Change never seems to come as quickly as you think it should.  But it comes even slower, if at all, if you don't listen and share with all the important people. 
  • You can put down ideas, but never put down people; admit when you're wrong; Keep your ego in check.

4.    Do it for others—your Kids (and spouse), your freinds and community. – Volunteering, being part of the community, showing service and leadership is critically important for your those in your circie of influence. We are their role models, for good or bad, so we can help them see the value in being involved and becoming engaged citizens. Now is the time, more than ever!

5.    Develop life skills—Volunteering locally develops skills useful in other areas of our life - your family, your church and/or our workplace. 

A sixth and seventh reason could be added as to why serve in local government. It's not Hartford and it sure isn't Washington. But you will be the biggest beneficiary for serving while making a difference. 



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