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Brookfield Elections November 2, 2021 - Repbulican Candidates

First Selectman Candidate - Tara Carr. See 

Board of Selectman

Board of Finance

Board of Education

Planning Commission

Board of Assessment Appeals

Zoning Commission

Zoning Board of Appeals

Board of Selectman - 2 Year Term

Tara Carr

Tara Carr

Following Tara‘s retirement as a Lieutenant Colonel after 25 years in the U.S. Army. Tara was chose by Amazon to spear head the opening of its location in Danbury, Connecticut. Tara directed and successfully launched a new $150 million dollar Amazon Logistics facility, employing 620 new direct hires while formulating and implementing a comprehensive launch plan directly overseeing 20 Senior Managers.

Tara is a mother to four school age children ranging from ages six to twelve years old. She shares your concerns regarding education, wellness and development. She understands how difficult it is during these trying Covid 19 times. Mask? No Mask? Vaccinate? Don’t Vaccinate? A strong advocate for children and parental rights, “Parents Call the Shots. My Child. My Choice.”

Implementing the belief of “It Takes A Village”, Tara is keenly aware of our needs from birth to our later golden years of life. All ages are precious, deserving of our attention. Tara also competed and placed as as a Top 10 Finalist from over 400 candidates in the Ms. Veteran American Competition to raise awareness of female veteran homelessness.  [More ...]

Harry Shaker

Harry Shaker - Incumbent

Shaker graduated from Danbury High School and Messiah College. He has lived in Brookfield for nearly 30 years with his wife Elizabeth and their three children: Michael, Eliza and Eric. A small-business owner, Shaker runs Yankee Paint & Contracting and has served on the Brookfield Board of Educaation 2003-2017 and Board of Selectman from 2017 to Present.

"After many years on the Board of Education and last four on Board of Selectman, and my many years of coaching the community's youth, I look forward to continue my public service and continuing a discussion with the citizens of this wonderful community."

Harry is insightful and thoughtful, not given to contention. In two terms as Selecman, Harry has navigated well between parties with many of his positions making the most sense and carrying the day. 

Board of Finance - 4 Year Term

Dan Devorstez

Dan Devorstez - Incumbent

Dan is running for a 4-year term on the Board of Finance. He has served on the Board of Finance and Chaired the Audit Committee for the past 4 years. Under Republican leadership the Board of Finance has seen great improvement in financial responsibility, planning, and communication, and Dan is seeking re-election to continue the progress that has been made in these areas.

Dan has a 25 year career in finance and investing, and is Chief Operating Officer/Chief Investment Officer of Horizon Technology Finance, a publicly traded venture investing company. Dan has lived in Brookfield with his wife and 3 children for 18 years, with 2 recent BHS graduates both members of the 13-year club.

Andrew Koehm

Andrew Koehm 

Andy Koehm is a retired IRS Headquarters manager and analyst, with a diverse background in accounting, tax administration, financial analysis, large scale data management and public communications.   A conservative first, he believes the best government is the least government for the lowest cost that works for the community.  Looking at all the facts and incorporating all stakeholder’s viewpoints into the analysis he goes beyond what is presented to seek alternatives that will produce the best solution. “Good communication starts with good listening” From Andy, “Solutions to real community needs versus the special interest wants of a few, are what we need to deliver.” Andy and his wife Eva have made Brookfield their home since 1985.


Amelia Malanaphy

Amelia Malanaphy

Amelia is the North American Head of Commercial Insurance Programs at Allianz, one of the largest Property & Casualty Insurance carriers in the world. Responsible for underwriting integrity, profit and growth, as well as oversight and governance of corporate and regulatory compliance of the North American portfolio. She is approachable with a very impressive accomplishments.

A Brookfield resident for 14 years, she is passionate about the town she and her husband Patrick call home, and is committed to its financial health and success.

She believes in building and fostering strong, collaborative and productive relationships in her professional life and plans to carry that same philosophy with all members of the various town boards and committees to build a strong future with a high quality of life.

Glenn Rooney

Glenn Rooney - Incumbent

As Incumbent Chairman of the Board of Finance, Glenn has led a very qualified and dedicated team for the past few years to bring Brookfield to the forefront of financial excellence. This is proven by our S&P Audit which clearly states excellent financial management and budgetary process. It is also proven by our clean annual audit. 
Glenn has lived in Brookfield Ct for over 30 years now and has seen the growth and advancements in our town and would like to continue with them under a controlled growth plan that not only makes sense but is affordable to our residents.
Glenn has consistantly demonstrated a drive to find the facts and tenacity to get things right are in my opinion what our town needs. Vote for Glenn and the rest of the incumbents on the GOP team so we can continue to bring Brookfield the services and growth it deserves to continue to be a great town to live in and raise our families.  


Board of Finance - 2 Year Term

Thomas D'Avanzo

Thomas D'Avanzo

Tom, his wife Marie their daughter Danielle (23) and son Thomas (22) became full time residence of Brookfield in 2017. 

Tom has more than 35 years of experience as a Research Analyst and Risk Manager in the financial services industry; and has created strategies to mitigate financial risk for some of the largest financial institutions in the United States.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration from Manhattan College.

Tom is a member of the Brookfield Lions Club and Membership Director for the Candlewood Lake Knights of Columbus Council. Tom was awarded Knight Of The Year in 2020.


Brianna Ruocco

Brianna Ruocco - Incumbent

Brookfield has been home to Brianna for the last fifteen years.  Everyday confirms her choice to raise my family here. Brianna’s son has grown up here and is currently a junior at Brookfield High School. He is officially a “13 year club” member.

In addition to being elected to Board of Finance in 2019, Brianna works as Operations Manager for a local business that spans three states. In that capacity, she manages the efficiency of all departments, ensuring they stay within budget and handles monthly financials to all locations. This ensures all accounts are compliant and in order.  Her professional life requires creativity to address difficult situations and she has brought this to her service on Brookfield’s fiduciary board. In a second term, Brianna will focus monitoring of ongoing and planned capital projects, reviewing grand list growth with economic development and helping Brookfield get the most out of its tax dollar as our state, town, and taxpayers themselves come out of Covid-19 world. Her record in office reflects an ability to work across party lines on the BOF and with our Boards of Selectmen and Education while at the same time adhering to fiscally conservative principles that have successfully guided her in her personal, professional, and public service life. Brianna is committed to delivering representation on the BOF that treats taxpayers like a valued customer, seeks to bring down expenditures and ensures accountability for results. EVERY Board of Finance should have at least ONE member like that.

Board of Education Candidates to Continue the Excellence without Contention - Vote November 2

Joy Greenstein

Joy Greenstein - Incumbent

Joy Greenstein is an Elementary Reading Specialist and this is her 21st year of teaching. Joy graduated Cum Laude and earned her M.S. degree in Literacy from Mount St. Mary College and her B.A. degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, and Child Development from SUNY Oneonta. She has been a true leader in the field of education through her current role as the Districts English Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator. Through this role she writes curriculum and aligns it to Common Core State Standards and benchmark assessments, she provides professional development and support to staff, and models best practices in the classroom. In addition to her teaching and learning, she is the Union Vice President and is on the negotiations team. She also runs ELA tutorials before school, and is the advisor and creator of an after school program for higher-level readers. Joy moved to Brookfield in 2007 with her husband Matthew because of the great reputation of the Brookfield Schools. [More ...]

Sharon Butow

Sharon Butow

Sharon was an educator in the NYC Public schools for almost 30 years. Working closely with school’s administration, she developed the necessary skills required to maintain the standards for the achievement of the students. Sharon is certified in Peer Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Student Based Academic Planning. She has the experience and common sense to understand the needs of our children.

Her conviction is that our children should always come first.

Based on my many years of education and administrative experience, Sharon is a strong, insightful candidate for as a member of Brookfield’s Board of Education.

A vote for Sharon is a vote for our childern, our community and our future. 

Linda Arment

Linda Arment

Linda (Gwen) has been a longtime teacher, choreographer, director, and professional actor and is also a Broadway producer. She has taught theater at Hunter College in Manhattan. Linda taught dance at New Dance Group in Manhattan and had a private voice studio in Manhattan for many years. She created a summer Shakespeare workshop at WCSU in Danbury drawing actors from around the country and teachers from London and Manhattan. She has directed and choreographed students in both high school and college in our great American musicals. Her performing took her around the country and far outside it as well. In addition, she was the artistic director for two musical theater developmental companies in NYC as well as associate artistic director for a musical theater performance company, which had its base at Theater Row on 42nd Street.

As a first generation American, Linda was taught by her immigrant parents that dedication to scholastic education, physical education and education in the arts is paramount to the achievement of one’s full potential. She believes children should be taught to think critically, creatively and resourcefully and that development of character, kindness, and gratitude is essential for a successful and happy life. She is a mother, grandmother and business owner in addition to her lifetime dedication to the arts. Her undergraduate degree comes from the Indiana University School of Music as a BME in piano and voice. She holds an MA in theater from Hunter College in Manhattan.

Linda's many years of working with young people from around the country, working in business, and experience in leadership positions, make her a perfect fit for the Board of Education here in Brookfield.

The Planning Commission Needs an Overhaul - Vote November 2

Micheal Del Valle

Mike Del Valle

Michael has a degree in Automotive Technology. This was followed up with a degree in Business Law from Lehman College in NY. He had a sucessful 30-year career as an auto mechanic specializing in Farrari. MIchael with his wife, Laura, have lived in Brookfield 24 years. Their two sons attended Brookfield Schools K-12.

He actively volunteers in Brookfield in several capacities. He is an important contributing member of the WPCA (Sewer Commission). 

Michael is passionate about the future of Brookfield and guiding its developmemt to protect its children, parents and senoirs.

John Mara

John Mara "Johnny Love” is a candidate for Planning Commission who will help guide Brookfield's growth with a responsible, smart and common sense approach while maintaining small town values. 

John has been a resident of Brookfield for 11 years and since the mid 90’s has had strong ties to the surrounding area. He is married to a BHS graduate and has 2 step-children (1 currently a sophomore at BHS) who have cultivated and enjoyed a small town lifestyle routed in community. John has been involved with Brookfield Pop Warner for 11 years as coach and Board member, he currently sits on the board of Northern CT Pop Warner as football commissioner. He has also been involved with Brookfield lacrosse and park and Rec basketball. Additionally, he is active with the Greater Danbury Irish Cultural Center and the Newtown VFW! 
Professionally, John is the owner of The Johnny Love Experience LLC a mobile Dj service and is currently a part of the logistics team for a company that provides transportation for major sporting events and conventions like the PGA and the N.E.A teachers Union. He has also worked for a local waste disposal company with duties including driver, safety coordinator and Operations manager. 
He looks forward to serving his community in preserving small town values and culture.
Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor - Incumbent

Linda has been a member of the Planning Commission since 2011. She feels it has been quite a learning experience. She empathizes with people and their frustrations in navigating the various rules and regulations. Linda is semi-retired from a 30+ year career in medicine. She loves spending time with her family and enjoys her second career as a partner in an organic farm here in Brookfield.

Board of Assessment Appeals

Jeffery Bronn

Jeffery Bronn

Jeff Bronn has lived in Brookfield for over 11 years.  He is an educator who lives with his wife and three children who are all in three different schools in town.  Jeff is all about building relationships and commitment to Brookfield.
Since coming to the town in 2010, Jeff made an immediate impact and commitment to town involvement on many levels.  Jeff joined the Brookfield Conservation Commission in 2010 and proudly serves as chairperson since 2017.  Jeff served on the Inland Wetlands Commission, Brookfield Republican Town Committee, and volunteered as a member of the Brookfield COVID recovery committee.  He has also organized several town events over the years such as Brookfield Farmfest and Connecticut Trails Day.
In addition, Jeff is very involved in youth sports, serving as a baseball coach and commissioner for many years.  It is in this capacity that he builds relationships with many families in towns and develops an understanding of their needs.  Jeff's involvement in both town committees and youth sports provide a strong base of knowledge for many different voices within Brookfield.
Jeff was elected to the Board of Assessment Appeals in 2019 and is currently seeking re-election.   He has close working relationships with many Democrats and believes that bipartisanship is the key to success in achieving town goals.

The Zoning Commission

Candidates for a 4-year term

Darryel Pratt

Gary Goetz

As a lifelong Connecticut resident, Gary Goetz, along with his growing family, settled in Brookfield from his original hometown of Danbury, in 1997.  He and his wife of 35 years, Laurie (Neville), raised all three of their daughters here and all were educated within our excellent Brookfield Public School system.  

Gary is a member of the Brookfield Republican Town Committee and he also actively volunteers in several local service organizations, to include the Rotary Club and Sokol Lodge #30 in Brookfield.  He holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in English Writing from Western Connecticut State University.

Gary Goetz strongly believes that now is the time for the people of Brookfield to step up and participate in their self-governance in order to ensure that we Brookfielders manage our own destiny and the future growth and zoning in the Town of Brookfield to provide our children and grandchildren a community that is even better than Brookfield is today.

Gary Goetz

Darryel Pratt 

Darryel, a Connecticut native grew up in Newtown, CT. Darryel and his wife moved to Brookfield in 2009 where their youngest child attended Brookfield High School graduating in 2015.

Darryel has worked in the electrical wholesale business for over forty years having held many positions including, inside sales, purchasing, account and sales management. In addition, he has held positions in the International Maintenance Institute as Vice President and President representing the organization on a national level.

He has served on two condo associations in Fairfield County while also acting as property manager for his own multi-family properties.

Darryel and his family moved to Brookfield in search of a less congested lifestyle. Darryel hopes to utilize his experience in business to help guide the growth of Brookfield, protect our open space, and encourage business growth in the area without destroying the unique qualities and beauty of Brookfield.

Anne Vogel

Anne Vogel has spent her entire professional career simultaneously in advertising and construction & home design. Having founded Vogel Marketing Group, LLC and Vogel Construction, LLC — operating both for nearly two decades — she is an accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur. While running her mid-sized marketing firm, she and her staff became a trusted resource for a global Fortune 500 client base, generating 100s of millions of dollars in revenue.

As co-owner of Vogel Construction, LLC, she transformed a one-person carpentry business into a Design/Build General Contracting firm, building high end homes and collaborating with the finest architects throughout Fairfield County. Her kitchen and bath design has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine.

Community service to her credit consists of pro bono work for the Danbury Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. Additionally, she created and planned hugely successful fund-raising events for young cancer victims, The 2nd Company Governor’s Horse Guard (Newtown, CT), and the Children’s Development Fund of Danbury Hospital — for which she received the Danbury Hospital President’s Award.

Anne's knowledge of construction, communication skills and leadership competency are what make her uniquely qualified to sit on the zoning board.

Candidate for a 2-year term

Bishendra Komar

Bishendra Komar

As a New York native Bishendra M. Komar grew up in Brooklyn (Canarsie and East New York) and Jamaica, Queens being only raised by his grandmother. Since his grandmother was an elderly lady, Komar was self taught at a very young age. He lived in many rough neighborhoods, where he has grown to be familiar with striving for better. Komar realized that he has always had a conservative mindset even when young. In 2017, he decided for a new beginning and moved to Danbury, CT. The past two years Komar found his new home in Brookfield with his three year old son and now has even more of a motivation to make Brookfield stronger.

Komar will bring to his role a level of commitment, dedication, and passion. He believes in making real changes and fighting for what is right. Komar will continue fighting until he can bring real, positive changes to Brookfield. He looks forward to winning the 2021 election so that he can serve to restore Brookfield back to its’ value and beauty.

The Zoning Board of Appeals

Candidates for a 4-year term

Alan Donnelly

Alan Donnelly graduated Brookfield High School in 1984. He served honorably as a SGT. in the CT Army National Guard 2/192 FA for 6 years as the Communications Chief and is a Lifetime member of the American Legion.

Alan and his wife Michele of 27 years, have three beautiful children, all of which have all gone through the Brookfield Public School System. He believes strongly in his Christian Faith, Family, Liberty, Country and Honor and lives his life accordingly.

As a small business owner, Alan takes great pride in his family and community. He feels the single most pressing issue in Brookfield is preserving and enhancing our small town charm and history; while allowing progress, functionality, safety and beauty.

Alan’s promise to residents of Brookfield is to listen carefully and ask fair, respectful questions while considering all present Zoning Regulations. He is a firm believer in individual Rights and Freedoms and will respect that sentimentality. It’s what makes us Americans.

Karl Hinger

Karl Hinger

In 2020 Karl graduated with a Bachlors degree in Policial Science from WestConn with an emphasis on Social Studies. In 2020 he also married Leanna, who is a Music Teacher in Newtown. 

Karl's interest is to be useful in the community with a passion for helping in his town developed in his experience as an Eagle Scout. He has a philosopy of "bloom where you are planted." 

He also has an affinity for music and theatre on one hand and numbers on the other. This is a good combination for the Zoning Board of Appeals. 

Janet LaForgia

Janet LaForgia

A New York City girl, who settled in Brookfield, CT some 28 years ago.  I have since retired from the law firm of Robinson & Cole LLP in Stamford, CT where I worked for several litigation partners as a legal administrative assistant, and have since retired after 25 years of loyal service.  Prior to that, I worked in the federal government for a federal judge and magistrate, and thereafter, on the executive level at the U.S. Attorney’s office under The Honorable Rudolph W. Giuliani, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  
I am happy, proud, and honored to run as one of the 2021 Republican nominees for Brookfield’s Zoning Board of Appeals.



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