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Tara Carr

Tara Carr

Following Tara‘s retirement as a Lieutenant Colonel after 25 years in the U.S. Army. Tara was chose by Amazon to spear head the opening of its location in Danbury, Connecticut. Tara directed and successfully launched a new $150 million dollar Amazon Logistics facility, employing 620 new direct hires while formulating and implementing a comprehensive launch plan directly overseeing 20 Senior Managers.

Tara is a mother to four school age children ranging from ages six to twelve years old. She shares your concerns regarding education, wellness and development. She understands how difficult it is during these trying Covid 19 times. Mask? No Mask? Vaccinate? Don’t Vaccinate? A strong advocate for children and parental rights, “Parents Call the Shots. My Child. My Choice.”

Implementing the belief of “It Takes A Village”, Tara is keenly aware of our needs from birth to our later golden years of life. All ages are precious, deserving of our attention. Tara also competed and placed as as a Top 10 Finalist from over 400 candidates in the Ms. Veteran American Competition to raise awareness of female veteran homelessness.  [More ...]

Harry Shaker

Harry Shaker

Shaker graduated from Danbury High School and Messiah College. He has lived in Brookfield for nearly 30 years with his wife Elizabeth and their three children: Michael, Eliza and Eric. A small-business owner, Shaker runs Yankee Paint & Contracting and has served on the Brookfield Board of Educaation 2003-2017 and Board of Selectman from 2017 to Present.

"After many years on the Board of Education and last four on Board of Selectman, and my many years of coaching the community's youth, I look forward to continue my public service and continuing a discussion with the citizens of this wonderful community."

Harry is insightful and thoughtful, not given to contention. In two terms as Selecman, Harry has navigated well between parties with many of his positions making the most sense and carrying the day. 



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