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First Selectman 2019 - Mel Butow

Mel Butow

I am Mel Butow and I believe in Brookfield. I am honored to be the Republican candidate for First Selectman of Brookfield. Over the short time I have lived in Brookfield, I have been inspired by its fine people, wonderful history, and great opportunities. And yet, I believe an exceptional future depends on working on key issues that affect all the people of Brookfield. My vision for the coming years addresses four key issues: affordable housing, taxes and financial accountability, education, and development of Four Corners. 

Let me be more specific: 

Affordable Housing:

  • The moratorium will be ending soon.  I will fight to stop the influx of additional affordable housing units. 

Taxes and Fiscal Accountability:

  • I believe the current administration’s spending policies are getting out hand.  I believe we can control the expenses of the town. Working with the Board of Finance, I commit to stabilizing the town’s tax situation and keeping our young families and those on fixed incomes here in Brookfield.


  • Recently Brookfield High School was 79thout of 196 high schools in Connecticut. Not that long in the past this survey ranked Brookfield 7thout of the 189 high schools with a 96.3% percentile rating. I will work with the Board of Education to reverse this trend and increase Brookfield’s standing.

Four Corners Project:

  • The Four Corners project promised adding a town center and a small town feel to Brookfield. We have now gone through over five years of implementation, and yet the end is not in sight.  I commit to be getting this project moving again.

I have over 40+ years of financial management experience.  This will come in handy when the budget is prepared.  I will look at every line item, analyze it, and have input from the various departments. I have the benefit of working in good times and in lean times. I will be versatile and adaptive as circumstances change. I have worked with people who have similar backgrounds, and those who have different viewpoints and interests. With those capabilities, I will lead Brookfield into a bright and promising future. 

Now, I need your support. With you at my side, I hope to bring together all Republicans so that we are a strong united party that can bring about the changes we all want. 




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