Board of Finance


Board of Finance - 4 Year Term

Dan Devorstez

Dan Devorstez - Incumbent

Dan is running for a 4-year term on the Board of Finance. He has served on the Board of Finance and Chaired the Audit Committee for the past 4 years. Under Republican leadership the Board of Finance has seen great improvement in financial responsibility, planning, and communication, and Dan is seeking re-election to continue the progress that has been made in these areas.

Dan has a 25 year career in finance and investing, and is Chief Operating Officer/Chief Investment Officer of Horizon Technology Finance, a publicly traded venture investing company. Dan has lived in Brookfield with his wife and 3 children for 18 years, with 2 recent BHS graduates both members of the 13-year club.

Andrew Koehm

Andrew Koehm 

Andy Koehm is a retired IRS Headquarters manager and analyst, with a diverse background in accounting, tax administration, financial analysis, large scale data management and public communications.   A conservative first, he believes the best government is the least government for the lowest cost that works for the community.  Looking at all the facts and incorporating all stakeholder’s viewpoints into the analysis he goes beyond what is presented to seek alternatives that will produce the best solution. “Good communication starts with good listening” From Andy, “Solutions to real community needs versus the special interest wants of a few, are what we need to deliver.” Andy and his wife Eva have made Brookfield their home since 1985.


Amelia Malanaphy

Amelia Malanaphy

Amelia is the North American Head of Commercial Insurance Programs at Allianz, one of the largest Property & Casualty Insurance carriers in the world. Responsible for underwriting integrity, profit and growth, as well as oversight and governance of corporate and regulatory compliance of the North American portfolio. She is approachable with a very impressive accomplishments.

A Brookfield resident for 14 years, she is passionate about the town she and her husband Patrick call home, and is committed to its financial health and success.

She believes in building and fostering strong, collaborative and productive relationships in her professional life and plans to carry that same philosophy with all members of the various town boards and committees to build a strong future with a high quality of life.

Glenn Rooney

Glenn Rooney - Incumbent

As Incumbent Chairman of the Board of Finance, Glenn has led a very qualified and dedicated team for the past few years to bring Brookfield to the forefront of financial excellence. This is proven by our S&P Audit which clearly states excellent financial management and budgetary process. It is also proven by our clean annual audit. 
Glenn has lived in Brookfield Ct for over 30 years now and has seen the growth and advancements in our town and would like to continue with them under a controlled growth plan that not only makes sense but is affordable to our residents.
Glenn has consistantly demonstrated a drive to find the facts and tenacity to get things right are in my opinion what our town needs. Vote for Glenn and the rest of the incumbents on the GOP team so we can continue to bring Brookfield the services and growth it deserves to continue to be a great town to live in and raise our families.  


Board of Finance - 2 Year Term

Thomas D'Avanzo

Thomas D'Avanzo

Tom, his wife Marie their daughter Danielle (23) and son Thomas (22) became full time residence of Brookfield in 2017. 

Tom has more than 35 years of experience as a Research Analyst and Risk Manager in the financial services industry; and has created strategies to mitigate financial risk for some of the largest financial institutions in the United States.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration from Manhattan College.

Tom is a member of the Brookfield Lions Club and Membership Director for the Candlewood Lake Knights of Columbus Council. Tom was awarded Knight Of The Year in 2020.


Brianna Ruocco

Brianna Ruocco - Incumbent

Brookfield has been home to Brianna for the last fifteen years.  Everyday confirms her choice to raise my family here. Brianna’s son has grown up here and is currently a junior at Brookfield High School. He is officially a “13 year club” member.

In addition to being elected to Board of Finance in 2019, Brianna works as Operations Manager for a local business that spans three states. In that capacity, she manages the efficiency of all departments, ensuring they stay within budget and handles monthly financials to all locations. This ensures all accounts are compliant and in order.  Her professional life requires creativity to address difficult situations and she has brought this to her service on Brookfield’s fiduciary board. In a second term, Brianna will focus monitoring of ongoing and planned capital projects, reviewing grand list growth with economic development and helping Brookfield get the most out of its tax dollar as our state, town, and taxpayers themselves come out of Covid-19 world. Her record in office reflects an ability to work across party lines on the BOF and with our Boards of Selectmen and Education while at the same time adhering to fiscally conservative principles that have successfully guided her in her personal, professional, and public service life. Brianna is committed to delivering representation on the BOF that treats taxpayers like a valued customer, seeks to bring down expenditures and ensures accountability for results. EVERY Board of Finance should have at least ONE member like that.



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