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Brookfield schools are a true source of pride for our town! Brookfield schools are highly ranked for student performance, and a high percentage of our graduates attend competitive colleges and universities. Additionally, a number of key attributes provide a strong foundation for the future success of our students:

  • The smallest class sizes, student-to-teacher, and student-to-employee ratios in our history.
  • An outstanding staff of dedicated teachers and employees
  • A flourishing Advanced Placement (AP) program - with more AP courses offered than ever before. The number of students taking and passing AP courses increases each year
  • Strong co-curricular and athletic programs provide many opportunities beyond core academics
  • An iPad is provided to every Brookfield High School student to assist them with preparation, research, teamwork, and communication
  • Spanish will be taught in all grades (K-12) for the first time this year
  • Full-day Kindergarten is provided at the most nurturing of all early childhood learning centers
  • Center School Engaged Parents send us "ready-to-learn" students; the entire community supports the needs of our schools, and
  • A vibrant and growing local economy helps us pay for our educational needs and aspirations without the need for year-after-year property tax increases.

From this strong foundation, Brookfield Schools are ready to move ahead to the next higher level of student achievement with the GOP Team. In the coming year, working with a new and energized administrative leadership team, we will take a fresh look at facility and programmatic needs with special attention and focus given to Kindergarten thru 5th grade facilities.

Board of Education Candidates to Continue the Excellence without Contention - Vote November 2

Joy Greenstein

Joy Greenstein - Incumbent

Joy Greenstein is an Elementary Reading Specialist and this is her 21st year of teaching. Joy graduated Cum Laude and earned her M.S. degree in Literacy from Mount St. Mary College and her B.A. degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, and Child Development from SUNY Oneonta. She has been a true leader in the field of education through her current role as the Districts English Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator. Through this role she writes curriculum and aligns it to Common Core State Standards and benchmark assessments, she provides professional development and support to staff, and models best practices in the classroom. In addition to her teaching and learning, she is the Union Vice President and is on the negotiations team. She also runs ELA tutorials before school, and is the advisor and creator of an after school program for higher-level readers. Joy moved to Brookfield in 2007 with her husband Matthew because of the great reputation of the Brookfield Schools. [More ...]

Sharon Butow

Sharon Butow

Sharon was an educator in the NYC Public schools for almost 30 years. Working closely with school’s administration, she developed the necessary skills required to maintain the standards for the achievement of the students. Sharon is certified in Peer Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Student Based Academic Planning. She has the experience and common sense to understand the needs of our children.

Her conviction is that our children should always come first.

Based on my many years of education and administrative experience, Sharon is a strong, insightful candidate for as a member of Brookfield’s Board of Education.

A vote for Sharon is a vote for our children, our community and our future.

Linda Arment

Linda Arment

Linda (Gwen) has been a longtime teacher, choreographer, director, and professional actor and is also a Broadway producer. She has taught theater at Hunter College in Manhattan. Linda taught dance at New Dance Group in Manhattan and had a private voice studio in Manhattan for many years. She created a summer Shakespeare workshop at WCSU in Danbury drawing actors from around the country and teachers from London and Manhattan. She has directed and choreographed students in both high school and college in our great American musicals. Her performing took her around the country and far outside it as well. In addition, she was the artistic director for two musical theater developmental companies in NYC as well as associate artistic director for a musical theater performance company, which had its base at Theater Row on 42nd Street.

As a first generation American, Linda was taught by her immigrant parents that dedication to scholastic education, physical education and education in the arts is paramount to the achievement of one’s full potential. She believes children should be taught to think critically, creatively and resourcefully and that development of character, kindness, and gratitude is essential for a successful and happy life. She is a mother, grandmother and business owner in addition to her lifetime dedication to the arts. Her undergraduate degree comes from the Indiana University School of Music as a BME in piano and voice. She holds an MA in theater from Hunter College in Manhattan.

Linda's many years of working with young people from around the country, working in business, and experience in leadership positions, make her a perfect fit for the Board of Education here in Brookfield.



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