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 Please note you may vote for up to 4 candidates, however only 2 can be elected.

Austin Monteiro

Austin Monteiro

Austin was born and raised in the greater Danbury area and moved to Brookfield in 2007 with his long time partner and her 2 children who attend Brookfield Schools. He is an entrepreneur who opened one of the first CrossFit Gyms in CT- CrossFit Danbury with later adding a second affiliate, CrossFit Brookfield. After selling the business in 2018 he pursued a new career in commercial real estate as well as starting a protein powder line. He currently works in the business of fitness as a Sales Consultant and Podcast host for Gym Launch (filmed over 500 podcasts) and works under Alex Hormozi and as Sales Director for Hudson Steel Co.

After attending and speaking at numerous BOE meetings, Austin strongly believes that the Board of Education needs to review the following: administration and school leadership, policy breakdown, budget transparency, curriculum (CRT, SEL, QT, GT and More), lawsuits, special education, meal services (Brookfield holds a C- ranking), school infrastructure, and parental choice. Austin promises to be a voice and advocate for all residents of Brookfield and would be honored to have your vote for Board of Education.

Robert Fischetto

Robert Fischetto

Bob has been a resident of the Town of Brookfield for the past 5 years, with his wife and 3 children. Bob has 22 years of combined experience as an educator and administrator with the New York City Department of Education. After receiving a BS in Criminal Justice from New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Bob went on to receive his first MA in Learning Technology and second MA in Administration, both from Mercy College. His experience encompasses discipline procedures, compliance related issues, school guidance, and the overall climate and culture of the schools. He is a forward thinker when it comes to education and his passion for helping students and teachers. Bob’s experience as an educator has led him to apply for a position on the Board of Education.

Bob is a passionate and hard-working citizen of this town who would like to help the Brookfield Educational System move forward and build on what has been accomplished so far. “It’s time we move into the 21st century with policies and procedures that meet the needs of the students of this time - they need to learn how to master cutting-edge technologies in order to prepare them for a rapidly changing technological world. They also need to be taught the dangers of too much technology and the harm it can cause. If you’re looking for a forward thinker who wants to propel our schools into the 21st century then I’m the man you are looking for.”

Bob is a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission and coaches many teams in the area.

Monique Matthew

Monique Matthews

Monique has lived in Brookfield with her husband and 2 children for the past 12 years. Raised in New Fairfield she is the daughter of a former First Selectman and a graduate of New Fairfield High School and Katherine Gibbs College. Monique has been working in the Hospitality industry as Director of Sales for the past 13 years.

As a candidate for the Board of Education Monique promises to provide the leadership and guidance necessary to ensure that our District is continuously striving for excellence. Special Education is an important area of concern for her as she was in fact an identified student throughout schooling and is a parent of a child who had an IEP. She fully understands the concerns and challenges our special education families are currently facing in our district. In addition, Monique will bring strong commitment in the areas of accountability, transparency, firm budgets, special education, and effective communication to the BOE. She has and will continue to be a constant voice advocating to provide the best quality education to ALL students. She promises to work to ensure our District has the necessary resources to support all the needs of students, teachers, and service providers so they have the necessary tools to help students succeed. She will strive to ensure that our district is held accountable to the highest standards of excellence that students deserve. Finally, Monique believes the BOE should foster a healthier relationship with all stakeholders in Brookfield. She will advocate for changes within the BOE meeting structure to allow for all stakeholders to be heard.




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