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The Planning Commission Needs an Overhaul - Vote November 2

Micheal Del Valle

Mike Del Valle

Michael has a degree in Automotive Technology. This was followed up with a degree in Business Law from Lehman College in NY. He had a sucessful 30-year career as an auto mechanic specializing in Farrari. MIchael with his wife, Laura, have lived in Brookfield 24 years. Their two sons attended Brookfield Schools K-12.

He actively volunteers in Brookfield in several capacities. He is an important contributing member of the WPCA (Sewer Commission). 

Michael is passionate about the future of Brookfield and guiding its developmemt to protect its children, parents and senoirs.

John Mara

John Mara "Johnny Love” is a candidate for Planning Commission who will help guide Brookfield's growth with a responsible, smart and common sense approach while maintaining small town values. 

John has been a resident of Brookfield for 11 years and since the mid 90’s has had strong ties to the surrounding area. He is married to a BHS graduate and has 2 step-children (1 currently a sophomore at BHS) who have cultivated and enjoyed a small town lifestyle routed in community. John has been involved with Brookfield Pop Warner for 11 years as coach and Board member, he currently sits on the board of Northern CT Pop Warner as football commissioner. He has also been involved with Brookfield lacrosse and park and Rec basketball. Additionally, he is active with the Greater Danbury Irish Cultural Center and the Newtown VFW! 
Professionally, John is the owner of The Johnny Love Experience LLC a mobile Dj service and is currently a part of the logistics team for a company that provides transportation for major sporting events and conventions like the PGA and the N.E.A teachers Union. He has also worked for a local waste disposal company with duties including driver, safety coordinator and Operations manager. 
He looks forward to serving his community in preserving small town values and culture.
Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor - Incumbant

Linda has been a member of the Planning Commission since 2011. She feels it has been quite a learning experience. She empathizes with people and their frustrations in navigating the various rules and regulations. Linda is semi-retired from a 30+ year career in medicine. She loves spending time with her family and enjoys her second career as a partner in an organic farm here in Brookfield.



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