Brookfield Under Republican Leadership - Tamed Taxes


 BrookfieldThe BRTC administration is responsible for one of the lowest tax increases in 25 years (1.1%) for 2014-2015. For the current Fiscal Year Starting July 1, 2015, there was NO tax increase (0%) (The only Town in CT to boast that accomplishment.)

There are three ways to accomplish this:

1) Hold the line on spending.

2) Increase the tax base so there are more properties sharing the cost.

3) Bring in grant funding to assist in shouldering the load.

All three strategies were implemented for the past two years, without sacrificing

  • Public Safety
  • The school system, one of the best in Connecticut (and the USA)
  • Municipal services
  • Recreation programs, including programs for Seniors

And while 

  • Funding Pension and Post Employement Benefit obligations
  • Completing long overdue/deferred maintenance to school and municipal buildings
  • Securing stormwater relief in Meadowbrook Manor



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