Brookfield Under Republican Leadership - Saved $ Millions


SAVED The Town of Brookfield $3.6 Million by: Brookfield Saving Money

  • Refinancing existing long term debt. 

This was low hanging fruit. Brookfield bonds since about 2000 are callable. Tinsley-Flynn did the work refiance bonds in this low-interest environment. Previous administartions did not put forth the effort. This is a not a one-time financial trick but saves over the next decade. 

  • Leveling school spending commensurate with declining student enrollment.

School enrollment is declining and so should the costs. But the school budget was increased 8% for our students. Brookfield has one of the highest staff to student ratios of any town in CT.

  • Implemented teacher retirement incentive.

With declining enrollment it made sense to trim staff. This program was to encourage retirement, so no one had to be laid off. Brookfield still has one of the highest teacher to student ratios in Connecticut.

  • Reducing employee health insurance costs by converting to a self-insured plan
    • Saved $2 million in first two years
    • Built a reserve for excess claims protection 

The cost of healthcare accross the nation is skyrocketing. It turns out to be far less expensive to self-insure. There is still coverage for costly cases with a high deductable. Overall this is a significant savings. 



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