Brookfield Under Republican Leadership - Grant Funds


Worked Hard for You Bringing in $ millions in Grant Funds Increasing Quality of Life: 

For decades Brookfield has missed out on grants, paying into the system, but getting nothing back. Significant grants have been obtained. Some are still pending, but these are expected. The Tinsley-Flynn team has come through for you. 

Grand Funding

  • LOTCIP Grant applied for and received: $797,000 (Awarded for Four Corners area streetscape work.)
  • STEAP Grant contract modification bringing in an additional: $290,000 (Awarded for Greenway)
  • New STEAP Grant applied for: $500,000 (Award pending)
  • FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant for $2,000,000 for Meadowbrook Manor (Award pending)
  • CHFA Critcal Needs Funding of $435,000 for Brooks Quarry sewer system repair and upgrade. (Awarded)



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