Brookfield Under Republican Leadership - Integrity Restored


INTEGRITY RESTORED - UNCOVERED & RESOLVED Serious Issues from Prior Administration(s): Integrity Applied

  • $1.2 Million in illegal school overspending and illegal use of town fund balance
  • (Alleged theft of School resources is being promulgated through the courts by State procecutors)
  • $235,000 in unauthorized town contractual obligations
  • Unmet Insurance coverage obligations
  • Unmonitored Town Credit Card purchasing (NO pre-purchase approval) has ceased.
  • Purchasing system is replaced with a Monitored Town-Wide Purchase Order/Process System (REQUIRED pre-purchase approval)
  • Monitored Town-Wide Purchase Order/Process System (REQUIRED pre-purchase approval).
  • Still working to unify accounting systems so schools and town are using the same software for efficiency and ease of reporting.

INTEGRITY ASSURED - Proposed and Implemented Important Governance and Management ChangesGood Management

  • Charter revision - Bifricated budget referendum separating Town and Education budget votes
  • Policies
    • Expense reimbursement policy
    • Town vehicle use policy
    • Debt management policy
    • Fund Balance policy (In Progress)
  • Ordinances
    • Business Investment Incentive - Assessment Increase Deferral (To assist businesses new and expanding)
    • OPEB Trust establishment 
    • Blighted building and properties (updated)
    • Salons and Spas (Updated)
    • Noise (update in progress)
  • Participated in implementation of regional planning agencies.
  • Plan of Conservation and Development Updated in 2015 (Last issued in 2002 (Was due in 2012))
  • Housing Study - Completed 2014
  • Southern Federal Road Improvment Plan completed



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