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David Frankel


I have been self-employed for 27 years, selling advertising for media companies throughout the US & Canada.  I am well-organized, conscientious, diligent, and have excellent follow-up skills which are vital for the town clerk position.  I have served our community for 20 years on two boards — the Brookfield Arts Commission and Brookfield Planning Commission and have held the title of Vice Chairman for both organizations.  I have also been a Brookfield election office for the past 15 years.

The town clerk’s office should be well-organized and “user friendly” to both our Brookfield residents and businesses.  It’s extremely important that this department be non-partisan and transparent — as it is a major portal of communication between our town government and our citizens.  I hope to continue the great tradition of Joan Locke who held the town clerk position for 20 years and was beloved by our community.

Connecticut is in the midst of a severe fiscal crises which is driving residents and business away from the state.  We have to completely change our fiscal course to  make our state a great place again to live and work.  We have a terrific geographical location between Boston and New York and need to maximize our state’s resources in a cost effective manner.

Much of our state’s problems originate in Hartford, but we can help fix our problems at the local level.  Local elections are always the most important because their outcomes effect both quality of life and taxation issues.  The Republican Party’s basic principals of small, cost-effective government are best suited to keep Brookfield’s quality of life high and taxes reasonable.



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