Town Treasurer


Robert Guarino

Rob has been a resident of Brookfield for 15 years with his wife Victoria and their 3 children, who all attend Brookfield Schools. Robert has a lot of interest in making sure the Town has a bright future. A lifelong Republican, he could not be more proud to be part of Team Tara and the chosen candidate of the Brookfield Republican Town Committee.

His career experience includes various business ventures and start-up companies, working in the Fire and Life safety industry, and most recently a GM/Leader for ADT Commercial where he manages a 72-million-dollar P&L. Since 2017, Robert serves on the Board of Directors for the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut and has led the Philanthropy Committee. Making correct decisions ensures all information has been considered and all viewpoints have been discussed is what Robert does every day.

Robert understands the challenges of those working for corporations and owning small businesses here in Brookfield. The well-rounded nature of Robert’s career provides him with the tools to proudly serve as Town Treasurer. For the above reasons, Robert knows that with an open mind, a well-rounded view point, corporate experience and owning a small business will make him a strong Town Treasurer.



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